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2 Pcs Hi/Lo Auto LED Decoder/Load Resistor Warning Canceller, No Flickers and Error Free

All Seasons LED

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1.This item is 100% Brand new and high quality Error Free Load Resistor LED Decoder.
2.Easy installation, no any modification needed, just plug & play
3.Material made with high quality material, heat resistant.
4.Metal Resistor shell, male and female connector is included.


This is a pair of load resistors for LED/SMD bulbs with wire adapters to correct error code or fast blinking issues related to the low current draw when using aftermarket LED bulbs in place of halogen bulbs.
Fast blinking or error codes issues are common when replacing halogen bulbs with aftermarket LED bulbs. This is because LED bulbs generally draw a much lower current power compared to halogen bulbs. As a result, the current difference would alert the car's electronic system to trigger a "bulb out" situation, or displaying an error code on the dashboard, or the bulbs hyper-flash. The symptom can be different from car to car. But they are mostly due to the same reason.
To eliminate these errors, you can install a load resistor between the led bulb and the power source. The load resistor would increase the current draw to a level that the car would not detect any "error"
Most load resistors in the market are supplied with loose wires so you would need to splice the wires to get it to work. However, our load resistors are plug and play and supplied with the wire adapters so all you need to do is to plug it between your bulb and the power. Then you are good to go.  It would save you time to splice and risk any damage to your wires.

Warning:  The resistor unit (The metal part) generates lots of heat during operation, and they can get very hot.  Please make sure you locate it away from plastic, low heat resistance surface and parts.  It's best to be mounted on metal surfaces that do not have contact with any plastic parts. Do not touch by hand until it has completely cooled down. 
We ship from the US, We tested the quality of all our products before we sell them. Don't wait for weeks and weeks to buy from outside of country when you can get it within a few days.


• Cancel Error message cause by OBC (On-Board Computer)
• Cancel Hyper Flashing on Turning Signal.
• Cancel Hyper Blink on LED light.
• Reduce the Power on LED light so they can work better.

Installation guide does NOT included.

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