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Genuine Philips Luxeon ZES Chip LED Headlight Kit 90W & 9000LM/Set, Color Temperature White 6000K

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The Brightest LED Headlight Kit On The Market New Upgrade 2016 P6 With Genuine LED Philips Luxeon ZES Chip 90W And 9000LM per Set, Single beam Auto LED Headlight Conversion Kit And Color Temperature Cool White 6000K.


· New One Set/Pair of Genuine LED Philips ZES Chip Auto LED Headlight Conversion Kit with Mini LED Driver and Wire .
· Operation Voltage: DC 11V-30V.
· Wattage: 90W per Set or 45W per Bulb.
· Actual Lumen: Up to 9000LM per Set or 4500LM per Bulb.
· LED Type: Genuine LED Philips Luxeon ZES Chip.
. LED QTY: 24Pcs Genuine LED Philips Luxeon ZES Chips/Set (12Pcs Genuine LED Philips Luxeon ZES Chips/Bulb)
· Color Temp: 6000K White.
· Waterproof rate: IP 68.
· Shell Material: Aviation Aluminum.
· Beam Angle: 360' (2 Sides Emitting)
· Working Temp: -40'C - +80'C.
. Cooling System: Built-in Cooling Turbo Fan.
· Connector Type: Easy Installation, Plug and Play.
· 300% brighter than your stock Halogen headlights.
· Life Span: Up to 30,000 Hours.


· Perfect Heat Dissipation Design With Whole Solid Aluminum Housing Military Standard Grade Including Turbo Cooling Fan.
· High Power Top of Genuine LED Philips Luxeon ZES Chip up to 90W/Set (45W/Bulb)
· High luminous efficacy Flux: up to 9000LM/Set (4500LM/Bulb)
· Wide-range voltage, constant current control, anti-interference circuit design.
· Super brightness 300% brighter than your stock Halogen headlights.
· Low power consumption.
· Long range: 6000K color temperature and 200 FT Light Range.
· Easy installation: plug and play.
· Long operation life: Up to 30,000 hours Service Life.
· 12 Months Warranty.

Advantages Compared to Halogen & HID Bulbs:

  • Fast ON/OFF, NO "Warm Up" With 0 Second Delay Unlike HID Bulbs And Last Longer With Life Span Up To 30,000 Hours.
  • 300% Brighter Than Your Stock Halogen Headlights Bulbs, No Dark Spot With Beam Angle At 360°.
  • Super Bright, Safe For Driving in The Night With Long Range: 6000K Color Temperature And 200 FT Light Range.
  • Legal Installation, No Worries for State Law And Easy Installation Just Plug And Play.
  • Waterproof Auto Led Headlight Bulb With IP68 Waterproof, You Can Enjoy The Driving Even in Extreme Situations And Conditions, Energy Saving And Much Less Power Consumption.

Led Headlight Function: 

Auto Headlight, Auto Fog Light , Etc.

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