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Genuine Philips Luxeon MZ Chip LED Headlight Kit 110W & 10400LM/Set, Color Temperature White 6000K

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The Brightest LED Headlight Kit On The Market New Upgrade 2016 P6 With Genuine LED Philips Luxeon MZ Chip 110W And 10400LM per Set, Single beam or Dual Beam Hi/Lo Auto LED Headlight Conversion Kit, Color Cool White 6000K.


· New One Set/Pair of Genuine LED Philips MZ Chip Auto LED Headlight Conversion Kit with Mini LED Driver and Wire .

· Operation Voltage: DC 11V-30V.

· Wattage: 110W per Set or 55W per Bulb.

· Actual Lumen: Up to 10400LM per Set or 5200LM per Bulb.

· LED Type: Genuine LED Philips Luxeon MZ Chip.

. LED QTY: 8Pcs Genuine LED Philips Luxeon MZ Chips/Set (4Pcs Genuine LED Philips Luxeon MZ Chips/Bulb)

· Color Temp: 6000K White.

· Waterproof rate: IP 68.

· Shell Material: Aviation Aluminum.

· Beam Angle: 360' (2 Sides Emitting)

· Working Temp: -40'C - +80'C.

. Cooling System: Built-in Cooling Turbo Fan.

· Connector Type: Easy Installation, Plug and Play.

· 300% brighter than your stock Halogen headlights.

· Life Span: Up to 30,000 Hours.


· Perfect Heat Dissipation Design With Whole Solid Aluminum Housing Military Standard Grade Including Turbo Cooling Fan.

· High Power Top of Genuine LED Philips Luxeon MZ Chip up to 110W/Set (55W/Bulb)

· High luminous efficacy Flux: up to 10400LM/Set (5200LM/Bulb)

· Wide-range voltage, constant current control, anti-interference circuit design.

· Super brightness 300% brighter than your stock Halogen headlights.

· Low power consumption.

· Long range: 6000K color temperature and 200 FT Light Range.

· Easy installation: plug and play.

· Long operation life: Up to 30,000 hours Service Life.

Advantages Compared to Halogen & HID Bulbs:

  • Fast ON/OFF, NO "Warm Up" With 0 Second Delay Unlike HID Bulbs And Last Longer With Life Span Up To 30,000 Hours.

  • 300% Brighter Than Your Stock Halogen Headlights Bulbs, No Dark Spot With Beam Angle At 360°.

  • Super Bright, Safe For Driving in The Night With Long Range: 6000K Color Temperature And 200 FT Light Range.

  • Legal Installation, No Worries for State Law And Easy Installation Just Plug And Play.

  • Waterproof Auto Led Headlight Bulb With IP68 Waterproof, You Can Enjoy The Driving Even in Extreme Situations And Conditions, Energy Saving And Much Less Power Consumption.

Led Headlight Function: 

Auto Headlight, Auto Fog Light , Etc.

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